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Liberty's Dawn: Book One of the Liberty Trilogy

Art Theocles
iUniverse, 385 pages, (paperback) $21.95, 9781469751573
(Reviewed: January, 2014)

This unusual novel mixes historical fiction with a science fiction twist, telling a story about the American Revolution from a different perspective.

Nik, John, and Sid are three seemingly normal men living in early 21st century North Carolina, struggling to make ends meet in jobs they do not enjoy. On a camping trip, they find themselves hurtled through time back to 1780. After the initial shock and exploring of their surroundings, they decide to observe, from hidden vantage points, the last battles of the Revolution. To their amazement, they discover the details are different than what history records, and take it upon themselves to ensure that events happen as they remember.

While the premise behind this novel is intriguing, there are many elements that strain credulity. Even though none of the three men have any military experience, they have detailed knowledge of military tactics, both from their own era and the time of the Revolution. They know much about the details of each battle they come across, yet none have previously shown much interest in history. From their camping trip, they conveniently have enough supplies to let them live comfortably on their own, and enough weaponry and ammunition to take on the British Army, one of the strongest military forces in history.

In terms of pacing, the book drags, with travelling and camping scenes heavily outweighing action scenes and historical interaction. In addition, the author has a distinctly conservative view on the contemporary economic situation, politics, and environmental issues, which he interjects into the story at several points. Readers with a different take may find these sections difficult.

The first in a trilogy, Liberty’s Dawn establishes the setting, characters, and plot for the novels to come, but some rethinking in future books might be required in order to attract an appreciative audience.

Also available in hardcover and ebook.

Author’s Current Residence
Bailey, North Carolina

Source: BlueInk Reviews


  1. The person or persons at BlueInk Reviews CLEARLY did NOT read this book... Just because someone wasn't in the Military, doesn't mean they cannot have tactical abilities. By the way, there was an implied connection between 'Sid' and previous military relationship in the beginning of the novel... there is so many things wrong with this review... they didn't read the book... PERIOD!!!!!