Submitting Your Materials: What Happens Next?

If you're self-publishing with iUniverse, learn how to submit your materials for publication, and find out what happens after submittal.

Is Your Manuscript Ready? Tips for Fast & Easy Publication

For iUniverse authors: Make sure your manuscript is set up for publication in this short video. Looking for common problems now can prevent possible production delays later.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Images to Bring Your Book to Life

For iUniverse authors: If you're sending images for your book's cover or interior, you won't want to miss this important video about image guidelines and requirements.

How to Create Tables

For iUniverse authors: If your manuscript contains tables, you'll want to be sure they are constructed the proper way. Watch this video to learn how.

How to Create Footnotes

For iUniverse authors: If your manuscript contains footnotes, you'll want to be sure they are formatted correctly. Watch this video to learn how.

How to Merge Files

For iUniverse authors: When you submit your manuscript for publication, you'll want it to be in one, continuous file. If you need to merge your files, watch this video to learn how.

How to Create Columns of Text

For iUniverse authors: If your manuscript contains columns of text (such as recipes, lists, or poetry), you'll want to be sure they have been formatted correctly. Watch this video to learn how.

How to Create an Index

For iUniverse authors: If your manuscript contains an index, watch this video to make sure it has been formatted correctly.

Megamorphosis: How to Be Happy Right Now

The simple fact is, we all want to be happy. In Megamorphosis, best-selling author Michael Yergin gives us the tools for our body and mind to make us happier—or just reaffirm that we are happy in our lives now. With it you can learn how to be your own life coach.

Using anecdotal examples, Yergin weaves an insightful and humorous social commentary as he shows us exactly how to become happier and view life more positively.

In Megamorphosis, Yergin candidly shares some of his life’s lessons for success and his poignant and personal insights and mistakes. His brother’s death and the disheartening events of 9/11 prompted Yergin to seek solutions to being unhappy and depressed. A message of hope and faith, Megamorphosis is an engaging discussion of positive psychology. It’s about making a great and lasting change—one step at a time.

iUniverse Publishing Consultants Welcome You to Self Publish

With iUniverse, writers get the same breadth of editorial, marketing, and publishing services that one would expect from a traditional publisher, but with the flexibility of discretionary decision-making left to the author.

iUniverse: Indigo Chapters Book Signing

Lisa Dewar, author of "Kiss Her, Kill Her," talks about publishing with iUniverse and holding her Indigo Chapters book signing.

iUniverse Author Profile: Eric Penz

Eric Penz is author of "Cryptid: The Lost Legacy of Lewis & Clark". He discusses some of the inspiration behind his thriller, and how he connects with his unique readership.

Jerry L. Parks - iUniverse Author Profile

Start your publishing journey today with or simply call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677).

Jerry Parks discusses some of his motivations to write and his experiences with independent publishing.

About the Author: Jerry Parks has a Th.D from Trinity Theological Seminary, and teaches at Georgetown Middle School in Georgetown, KY. Dr. Parks has also authored - With Joseph in the University of Adversity: The Mizraim Principles, based on principles from the life of Joseph the Hebrew in the Old Testament, Dragons, Grasshoppers & Frogs!, a commentary for teenagers on the Book of Revelation, God, Help Me Pray!, a primer on prayer for new Christians, So, You Want to Become a National Board Certified Teacher?, Mentoring the NBPTS Candidate: a Facilitator's Guide, and Teacher Under Construction: Things I Wish I'd Known!, a handbook for new middle school teachers in their first year of teaching.

iUniverse Recognition Programs

iUniverse recognition programs were created to promote quality books through a variety of incentives, support and a special showcasing format. Since their initial launch, our programs have grown to become some of the most unique and sought after honors awarded to self-published authors. Many of our authors have gone on to find greater retail success or even traditional publishing success as a result of these programs.

iUniverse Award Winners

iUniverse is home to thousands of discerning authors who value editorial excellence, and contest judges are impressed! Here are just a few recent iUniverse award winners.

iUniverse Editorial Evaluation Services

One of the key features that makes an iUniverse book distinct from other self-published books is our professional evaluations for both editorial quality and marketing potential. The evaluations are included in certain publishing packages.

Why Publish with iUniverse?

Three authors discuss their experiences publishing with iUniverse. For more information visit or call 1-800-AUTHORS.